Shop And Establishment Consultant

Shops and Establishments Consultant in Ahmedabad

The shops and Establishments Act, 1948

  • Obtaining necessary License under the Act
  • Renewal of License as and when required
  • Preparation & Maintenance of Statutory Registers & Records as required under the Act, such as Leave Register, Leave Book (Form N), etc
  • Ensure display of Certificate of Establishment, Working Hours and Rest Timings, List of Holidays, Certificate from department of Labour with regards to 365 working days, Weekly offs, Permission for Women to work after 8pm, ect.
  • Replying / satisfying Show Cause Notices issued by Inspector or any appropriate Authority.
  • Assistance establishments at the time of inspection and search of any premises by the inspector
  • Representing establishments at the time of enquiries conducted by the Inspector
  • Correspondence / Liasoning with concerned Department / Office Assistance for setting the claims against the Company and arrive at the common and reasonable solution